Landlord, Tenant and Real Estate Matters

Although some disagreements between landlords and tenants can be settled quickly and easily, others require complex paperwork and lengthy litigation. If you find yourself involved in a major lease dispute, non-payment dispute or eviction dispute, it is in your best interests to retain a Kayira Law, LLC attorney who can help you navigate the legal complexities of the situation. We are experienced in representing both Landlords and Tenants across a wide array of legal proceedings and we are prepared to assist you.

Security deposit disputes

Landlords in Missouri are restricted from collecting more than two months security deposit from tenants when they rent or lease a property. When the tenant leaves the property, the security deposit may be used to repair damages that are not the result of normal wear and tear and the balance should then be returned to the tenant. Tenants who disagree with any deductions a landlord has made have the right to file small claims papers to recover the balance of their security deposit.

Rental payment disputes

Tenants rental agreements specify the date their rent payments are due. Landlords are not allowed to begin eviction proceedings before the fifth day after the due date which is a grace period. In addition, tenants may have the right to withhold rent for important repairs such as heating system failures if the landlord has been properly notified of the need for repairs and has failed to make them. When a landlord and tenant have a disagreement about rental payments either because a tenant has paid late or withheld rent for repairs, a landlord tenant attorney in Missouri may help resolve the dispute through mutual agreement or if necessary, they can help litigate the case in court.

Other issues

There are other issues which may develop between landlords and tenants that may need to be worked out by seeking the assistance of a landlord tenant attorney including:

  • Access to property – landlords have a legal right to be able to access rental property for the purposes of making repairs or inspections. Tenants must be notified of this access prior unless it is during an emergency situation.
  • Non-discrimination – under the law, landlords are not allowed to discriminate against people based on race, creed or marital status.
  • Lease termination – landlords may be able to evict a tenant who is current on their rent based on illegal activities including drugs, prostitution or other illegal activities being conducted on their property.

If you are involved in a landlord tenant dispute, contact Kayira Law, LLC for help. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we will work hard to help you preserve your rights under Missouri landlord tenant laws.

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